monastery visit and Turin city center

Third day of my interrail was the last year of the year!
We first attended a new year's dinner at Chiara's friend, where I tasted one more different italian dinner. Then we spent the whole night in Jazz Club Torino. Chiara's sister was dancing swing there. So I learned a bit swing, which was enough to motivate me to enroll to a class in swing for next term for sure! Such a dynamic dance! What was strange about this night was encountering with some Turkish people in Jazz Club Torino. Apparently, the trompeter in the orchestra was Turkish and he was there with his Turkish friends. As always, Turkish detected.

One day later was more interesting. We went to Monastery Bose. I had never seen a monastery before, so it was quite an interesting experience for me. Here some pictures:

The church of the monastery:

The atmosphere of the place where the monastery resides.

One of the study-chat-dinner rooms of the monastery:

Today I visited Turin city center for the whole day. It was exhausting indeed. 

I visited Pietro Micca museum, which was interesting due to the underground tunnels that Italians built against French around 1700s.

This is how a great amount of French soldiers that sieged Turin were dead: with an explosion.

To be honest, Museo del Carcere Le Nuove was the museum which I really wanted to visit, however I learned that it is open only on saturdays and sundays. I am leaving for Marseille tomorrow. Basically it is a museum which keeps the sad memories of the fascist era of Italy alive, which is very important not to forget.

Turin Polytechnic:

Giardino Sambuy, right after the Porta Nuova while heading for the center.

One of the twins on the street Roma.

Palazzo Carignano:

National Cinema Museum's famous dome:

The best part of Turin city center:
1 - Piazza Vittorio, that leads one to river and the bridge Vittorio Emanuele I.

2- River.

Church Gran Madre di Dio, after crossing the river.

Turin from the church:

Tomorrow I'll be in France! Keep staying tuned :)

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