about my intern in QCD Labs (in Finland)

After a quite satisfying intern process in QCD (Quantum Computing and Devices) research group (in Aalto University, Finland), I can safely say that I am gonna come back to this beautiful country which might compete with others in being an ideal place to study and work.

The manuscript board of QCD

The group I have worked with is a pretty energetic and productive one.
The people working here as a PhD and postdoc were indeed helpful during my intern and most of all, my advisor guided me so well that I have progressed quite smoothly throughout my intern in these past three months. Even though I was extremely new to the topic, it did not become a tough job to get used to the concepts and principles with a regular study of Nielsen's book on quantum computation and quantum information.

However, the most useful sources for me were the master thesis of one of the graduates of this research group and its some of the references, since my job was simply to improve the existing model and design a more realistic model for that superconducting quantum gate already put forward in the thesis. It was a theoretical study, which basically introduced me the quantization of the classical theories (especially the quantization of the microwave theory in my context) and some fundamentals about superconducting qubits in quantum computation.

All in all, this exciting work seems to make my way to head for more theoretical study in this field, try to comprehend the fundamentals in a deeper sense. That's why I have been thinking to reserve some regular time for quantum theories of electron and photon fields in the following days and probably try to get a seat in a research lab (in UWaterloo) related to the similar topics (also related to device modelling) during my exchange.

Lastly, Finland is a perfect place to get rest and to work at the same time. I don't know exactly what affects the mood of a person here (I suspect it is the clean air, though), I know that I have felt more refreshed according to my ordinary days in Turkey and it naturally affected my productivity and will to study. If you come here, I strongly recommend QCD as a place to work due to the reasons I have already talked about and get a bike! You cannot imagine how beautiful this country is on a bike.

Some pics from the photo album which I called "this country extends my life" :)

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