about my BSc thesis research in IQC (Institute for Quantum Computing)

Hi folks!

This is a bit late post, I know. Since I'm already in Istanbul done with my engineering thesis in IQC and we are even at the end of the fall semester! Anyways, it's better than nothing and who knows maybe it can give an idea to those who want to work in IQC as undergrad researchers.

IQC was one of the places where I wanted to experience working in. It was also my another reason of choosing University of Waterloo to make my exchange term during undergrad. When I was heading for UW from Istanbul, having a chance of working on my bachelor thesis in IQC was such a big desire for me.

First of all, IQC is a quite motivating place to work. Even though I wasn't an intern, they provided me a desk in one of the undergrad offices. So I spent lots of my time in IQC for the last four months I had in Waterloo, namely from may to end of august. Every office in IQC has 'glass walls', so that one can use the glass in front of their desks as a white board, which I indeed enjoyed it. This new building of IQC, the so-called Quantum Nano Center (QNC) is such a design wonder. Even its architecture has a meaning, for example the main staircases in the building had been built in the aim of increasing the interactions and collaborations between the researchers at all floors. One can see the offices of the upper or lower storeys by standing near the staircases. As a person who can't stand with a study place without a window looking at outside and letting sunlight in, I did not have any difficulty in getting used to my glass office.

I can't forget the long hours spent in IQC working on my thesis drafts! One day I stayed there in my office till 2 a.m. rushing for the final draft. And then I had lots of friends working in IQC, whose existences made all the events going on there extremely fun. We visited Canada's Wonderland together, which was in fact a social event of IQC, went to beach, made barbeque, improved party games lol!. We were working hard in the mornings and playing hard in the evenings. I had never played werewolf as much as I played in this summer!

Come back to work: I worked on a theoretical project in Prof. Chris Wilson's research group, closely working with his post-doctoral fellow, Pol. My research was in the field of circuit-QED and specifically it was about a readout method design for Rabi Model of flux qubit-resonator system in the ultrastrong coupling regime. First, I studied the fundamental quantum optics topics, e. g., quantization of the free electromagnetic field and the LC resonator, the coherent state of light, and the Jaynes-Cummings model etc. Since the ultrastrong coupling regime implies a more general model than the Jaynes-Cummings model, the so-called Rabi Model, I studied the Rabi Model, its theoretical predictions and interpretations, such as the parity chains in the Hilbert space. The Rabi Model becomes a monolithic quantum system in the ultrastrong coupling regime, which takes into account the counter-rotating terms in the interaction between the resonator and the two-level system. Therefore, we proposed to add an additional readout resonator weakly coupled to the system, so that we can read-out the data without disturbing the quantum system in the dispersive regime, which is the so-called Quantum Non-demolition (QND) measurement technique. The numerical calculations show that we can observe different amounts of energy shifts for the ground and first excited states of the Rabi system. I gave my first seminar on this thesis work at Koc University, where I have been continuing to work on various quantum systems. Check it here.

It was such an unforgettable summer, to be honest. Let me close this session with a nice capture of time!

I miss you all guys!

Next time, my post will be about undergrad school of IQC on experimental quantum information, in which I met lots of wonderful people around the world and of course my summer friends.

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