first days in Istanbul after Canada!

I feel an obligation to write this post in English, though I don't know why. This will be weird, because I'll not talk about my wonderful summer here, but the opposite: my first days in Istanbul.

My trip back home was more than comfy, interestingly I didn't have any single problem at all. One of my luggages weighted more than 23 kg's, which could have been a huge headache but the lovely woman in check-out probably pitied this miserable student who was trying to squish months of life into her luggage. Well, then there was no delay for the flight, plus I didn't wait in the passport check in Istanbul! On top of that, I waited for my luggage for only 5 mins in Istanbul airport! So, I was ready around 3 pm to be picked up by dad.

I missed my city, that's a reality. Of couse I didn't take a rest when I got home, who's expecting it?
After a quick shower, I first went to Beşiktaş sea coast to sip my very first Turkish tea across the Istanbul Bosphorus with an old friend of mine after 8 months. Then took my first bus to home, for which I used my Istanbul student transportation card that made me feel somewhat nostalgic (wtf!) By the way apparently they had raised the fees in my absence which reflected as a solid good Turkish swear to Istanbul transportation office. Anyways, then yesterday mom woke me up in the very morning while trying to wake my sister for her classes as behaving like a consistent clock. During my morning jogging, I took a path to Maçka and saw the antique and beautiful building of the Faculty of Management of my university (Technical Univ. in Istanbul). Then to complete the ring, I passed through the Democracy Park which animated lots of good old memories in my mind.

Today I took my first subway to Koç University (in which I have been working with a prof) to complete my very first paper on which I have been working for almost two years now. Well that was a quite familiar path since it also ends up with my university too. While walking to subway, I even noticed the replacements of the traffic lamps with the new ones! My brain was checking everything and comparing those with their old versions already existing in my mind, which was a strange experience to have. Back to topic, by this reason I also visited Sarıyer sea coast too in my first days in Istanbul after a long time. I really like a buffet place there which both cooks home-type-food and TR style fast food, means döner/kebab etc. Not a fancy place, but a cosy one who makes good döner ekmek (doner in bread). So, after 8 months I got my first döner ekmek there.

I know this is unfair for Taksim of course. I haven't been there yet, but no worries! Now I have a reason to make a small celebration in Taksim with a couple of friends: my first paper submission. Hopefully it will be accepted and I'll have a more proper reason to celebrate! Already impatient for the places I'll visit tomorrow! :)

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