Picture of city hall of Munich. I heard that a student organization throw a crazy party in there where you can go all around and shout each other from windows. I want that too!

Here is my Munich adventure (a part of it for now)! First day passed really fast. Me and my aunt came to Munich around midday and a close friend of my aunt, Mrs. Nevra took us from the airport. We went to her daughters school with his husband and go around. It was pretty interesting to see a German school but sadly Clarie had a fever. We went back to the city and went to our hotel which we found pretty decent. Around 3 Michael and Olli came( they were all wet because an awful rain came from no where). We were so happy to be together again. We ate some stuff and started to go around city. The weather was not that good but we had awesome time! We met with the others in a Baverian restaurant(see the picture below). I really like German Beer and food is really great.

Second day, we started with Baverian breakfast which includes white sausage and beer in the morning. We ended up runing around the city since it was really filling. We went to see where the octoberfest takes place, central campus of munich technic where they have a gorgeous rooftop where you can see most of the Munich, best streetfest I have ever seen, the standing wave where you can surf inside the city and many breathtaking buildings, happy people and nice bazaars you can find everything. There was a celebration for Bayern- Munich team in the center of the city so there were lots of people wearing their uniforms. The best part was, we went to Volks Festival in Graffin which is a local oktoberfest, we danced all night in the benches, drinking awesome beer and watching cute baverian local people with their costumes. I would love to go to another festival like this.

3rd day was really awesome! Mrs. Nevra and her family took us from our hotel and we went to the most expensive town in Germany to have turkish breakfast looking at a pretty lake. It was so relaxing and at the same time breath-taking; the town was really unique. Afterwards we went to hiking in Blomberg, which felt like Heidi's home. It was just like in the movies, green all over the place, lots of attraction for kids (nature television was my favorite) and at the top, gorgeuos view with beer and baverian food. It was pretty crowded with lots of families who come to spend time with each other while doing sports and breathing clean air. While on the way back, there was a slide for every aged person (and it was so much fun). I really liked how much healthy, interesting and fun activities Germans have for their citizens. We went back to city and said goodbye to family. I met with our exchange gang to do BBQ, side of the Isar lake which was the best BBQ I have ever had. We spent hours listening to music, eating and chatting. Watched the sunset and the river, drinking awesome beer and talking none sense. I will never forget this day in my life.

Thank you so much guys, for inviting me, spending your time for me and making me happy so much 😇 I had a more than wonderful time, fascinated with the city and loved you more and more 💕 hoping to see you soon!

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