Let's get this started!

That was really cold! We did a pretty nice hike around 4 hours with snowshoeing in the heavy snow. We had a nice beginning having some nice coffee and breakfast at Bear Paw's Bakery. I tried Eggnog for the first time- not alcohol one- and it was pretty good. When we went to place where we will be hiking we realized that it was closed because of wildlife preservation. We headed another hiking that we found suitable and it turned out to be pretty good, except we realized its a cross country skiing trail and we shouldn't be actually hiking in there but it was fine. After we finished the hike we went to Tim Hortons and sip our nice hot beverages which made us all happy. Also settling up in our hotel room- we stayed in Athabasca Hotel for 3 days- and went to shopping for future days. From now on, oatmeal, bread and cream cheese were always with us.

We did our first ice walk today and it was amazing. We had a cheap breakfast in our room and head to Maligne Canyon. I have never seen a prettier thing in my life before ( maybe exaggerating) but it was like it's surreal. It was like in the movies. We met with different people as we walk through the Canyon- like always Canadians' were extremely nice. Today was also Christmas so when we get back, we wanted to have a nice dinner but first we went to Maligne Lake and do sightseeing; we were really tired to go for another walk and also the sun was fading. We saw what the big fire in 2015 did to the forest. It was sad but still really awesome. So we went back to room after our nice day and decide to eat in Korean Restaurant called Cantonese Rest. which turned out to be pretty yummy. We were really hungry anyways; after eating sandwiches and granola bars all day anyways.

Today was the wilderness hostel day! For the people who don't know, Wilderness Hostels are deep inside the National Parks where there is no reception, no running water or inside bathrooms. They generate energy from either sun or diesel. Surprisingly, there were Wifi though! (Only for an hour at most, everyday) (I will talk about them later again)

We started our day by packing our stuff to go to our next stop. Packing started to be pretty hard with the groceries we bought for Wilderness Hostel and our snowshoes and our luggage's. We strated with a trip to Athabasca Falls and make worth of our stay in Athabasca Hotel. Sunwapda Falls was our second stop and both of them were spectacular. We did a 2.5 km hike in lower falls in there. Toe of Glacier was our last stop and it was more like an open valley where we saw breathtaking mountains, the sun was also setting, and glaciers were unbelievably gorgeous.

Afterwards we went to our Wilderness Hostel. The people were so nice and warm, place was clean and satisfying. We had a German dinner - a lot of potatoes and sausage - and enjoyed our evening. I slept very well and warm( and long).

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