The Greatest Journey-1

On 21st of December I flew to Edmonton from Waterloo, which is the beginning of my travelling journey in Canada. It was a 4 hour flight- still not the farthest flight you can take in Canada. I was unfortunately in the middle seat but ended but meeting with two pretty interesting people. One of them was a modern artist who played piano from his tablet and the other was a middle aged, very intellectual guy; he had degrees on Chemical Engineering, politics, history and something one more I cannot remember. It was a nice flight.
Afterwards, I went to HI Edmonton Hostel by Shuttle from airport very easily. It took only half an hour which was pretty neat considering I was really hungry. I meet with Sam in the Hostel which I found really clean and nice and we head towards downtown of Edmonton. I really liked the city as I could see in such short notice. I felt like it was a little bit like Palo Alto with awesome lights in the trees and nice restaurants and stores. We went to a Mexican restaurant which is called Julio's Barrio which was really good! I really enjoy American restaurants especially with Christmas lights and we had nice Mexican food and Margaritas. We went back to hostel afterwards and I meet with our roommates for the night. One of them was a nurse who took a year of and working in farms while travelling. She was from Germany and her last farm in Canada was producing wine- which I found pretty amusing. Other one was a Yoga teacher but I don't know a lot about her because we were pretty tired after the day- also 2 hours difference with Ontario.
22nd of December started pretty early. Olivia came to Edmonton by bus from Vancouver which took 24 hours so she needed some sleep before we get going and so she slept in my bed for an hour while I was doing some stuff on my computer. We left the Hostel around 9 and go to airport to pick our car. Our car is pretty nice but we were a little bit worried about our luggage's fitting into the car(we have a lot)- it turned out fine.
We had a 4 hour drive until we arrive Jasper and our Hotel Athabasca. In our way coming here, the trees in the road was also covered with colorful lights which made an awesome view for our ride. We got really excited for our days in here, Canadian Rockies Rock!
After we settle to our Hotel, we went to eat some stuff and take a look around. Jasper is a really touristic place with nice and expensive shops and restaurants. We went to L&W restaurant and eat Lasagna. It was a nice day! Excited for future days :)

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