Hello from the other side of the world, Canada!

Dilara and I came Toronto on 22th of August and have been a lot of stuff since then. Our time in Toronto was awesome. We had a real Metropolitan life together and lived in a 58th floor building. We went to sports, tours, museums and a lot of shopping. Our Free Walking Tours have been the best time. Niagara Falls trip was another deal I cannot even describe and should see it for your selves.

University of Waterloo is another world. I have never seen such a group full of passion and connection. They welcomed us very well and had amazing orientation activities I cannot even describe. It was awesome in all ways. For example, today we had an engineering orientation day and spent a lot of time with Cindy and very nice show called “Single and Sexy”. They really know how to make people connected and happy. I really wanted to be here for five or more years and be a part of this community. You really feel that you belong to somewhere and everyone is there for you. I also choose my classes so I feel pretty happy with my situation. The only thing that bothers me a lot that Dilara will be going tomorrow. I wish we had a whole semester in here (she wishes the same I guess) but like she says its only 4 months. And I have Utku with me as a Turkish exchange student and I know everything will pass so quickly and it will end in a blink of eye.

I am wishing to remember these days with a great amount of joy and happiness and be able to see everyone I want in a while! Wish me good luck! 

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