After a long while, welcome welcome! I was longing to write for some time but one thing led to another and I never had the chance to sit and write. Also the summer is a big minus for me because only thing I want to do is to sleep and sleep but of course I don’t do only that J
For a good start I went to Side, Antalya to have some sun and swim in the see. It turned out to be really nice as I was really exhausted because of my classes and about to start a fast marathon (because I needed to do a lot of things in summer). I had really great time with my grandparents (also my big aunt was there) and the weather was in its best, the beach was not crowded and of course my grandmother made the best cook ever. This was 3rd of June to 10th where most of my friends started their internships t school (most of them said that it was really hard for them so start right after the school).
My second destination was to Tekirdağ with my aunt where I met one of my best friends Buse. She is from Tekirdağ and as we arrived there she met with us. Because we knew she was fasting we ate our meal- which is Tekirdağ Köftesi and it was really great- but she insisted on buying us tea in the seaside. We had a nice talk but it was getting late and we needed to find a place to stay. We headed to the Kumbağ – this place said to be the Bozcaada of Tekirdağ- and after some search find a really nice place to stay called Bilge Apart Hotel. The view of our room and the guy responsible from the Hotel was really nice. We had a great meal (Rakı- Balık) in Kılıç Ali Restaurant and even watched the sunset in our room which was gorgeous. The second day we wanted to buy some cheery as the region is known for it we headed to a small village called
Where we met a really nice family. They invited us to their fruit garden where I eat the most tasteful white and black berry and bought some traditional food from that family also. This was the end of our small trip and my third destination will be the soil of freedom (I think this is a Turkish idiom but I couldn’t stop myself from writing)!

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