To Everything that Flows

In modern world, there is one major thing that leads all the way. Technology. Today, there is not one person, who stayed untouched by technology (except the fact that many people are swallowed by it). As a result, in one of the most important way of human expression, art, would be impossible to neglect the effect of technology. The effect was so dramatic that there was a new movement called Zero in 1950s which was considered the beginning of modern art and it was considered as everything in art started from zero -all over again.

I have visited both Zero Exhibition and Heinz Mack (Light and Color) in Sabancı Museum and in my visits I gained a new perspective about modern arts. As they say, you cannot think or try to understand modern arts, you just feel it. However, there are some points, I derived or summarized for myself and would like to express in here.

First of all, in general sense, I believe one of the most important characteristics of modern arts is its simplicity. You do not see cities, rivers or forests, real or imaginary people, objects that have complex or artificial abilities. You see objects in simplest forms, colors with no other meaning than being itself- not used as a part of other things; you see a reduced version of a being and that being expressed because it is.

Another common idea in modern arts is to break the two dimension and get rid of boundaries of a paper.

A painted picture is a prison, all the colors and shapes are inside and no way out, they cannot change and they are dead. But the color itself is actually alive. Colors are infinite and can truly travel everywhere around the space where the lines and shapes are restricted. Zero point took artists into a place that no boundaries of two dimension world and sharp outlines. The art became blurred and the canvas opened onto limitless possibilities. By going to the beginning zero actually opened the window of future. Counting back to the leads and inevitable going to the future built on the change.

Lastly, they use light to complete darkness or other way around. Without the other, one cannot exist.  Modern artist can control both light and dark because they create it in their art. Dark without light and light without darkness cannot be defined.

Art is no longer the expression of inner self of human but a greater, bigger medium than human inside which is probably light. (Otto Piene, Paths to Paradise)

 Light is a symbol of energy and innovation that is life itself – the waves of a heart beating. 

And if we want to create the art according to light there must be an opposite called dark. It can be found in everywhere but the purest form is the one we have close our eyes*. We can chase and hunt the darkness but it never ends.

Otto Piene states that I go to darkness itself, I pierce it with light, I make it transparent, take its terror from it.

 I turn it into a volume of power with the breath of life like my own body and take smoke so it can fly.

It is obvious that the art predicted the future better and before the technology. The future leads to a 3D, endless, always changing but a more simple, less colorful way. The people will find more meaning and thoughts inside the simpler objects.  

*For me, this reminds me the darkness of sea at night. I have always afraid of its deepness because it reminds me the iniquity of living things and infinitely uncertainty of everything. As I talk this with many people, one person did a real remark that left its mark in me. ‘The best of the sea is in its darkest hours, in my opinion, , you can put whatever you want in there’     

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