Coding? No way!

Hello everyone!
This week I decided to talk about how I started to code as a 19 year old Electronics and Communications Engineering girl and broke ices between me and programming addiction.
As you can guess it was not easy. I have met with coding about a year ago in ITU- IEEE Lab Committee’s training on C programming language. Before then I hadn’t written even a single code and didn’t know a single thing about it. I went couple of classes and I ultimately hated coding. For the first time in my life, I fell asleep with my laptop which was a really shocking thing for me. As an engineering student this was a horrifying thing and I knew that coding will be a part of my life if I wasn’t thinking about changing my major (hopefully I think I will finish my degree).
Luckily, a dear friend of mine suggested an organization called C and Systems Programmers Organization and it fixed my biggest nightmare for my university years. In there I have learnt how to think, implement and improve myself in this area. I think I really needed a good start and aopp kick back then which turned out to be really well. I am still going there and nearly finished my second course and here is the things I can suggest to new programmers:
  1. Never give up. I have read many blogs, listen to famous or unknown best coders and even read an e-book about coders and I can assure you that they work at least 2 hours every day which means 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month and nearly 600 hours in a year.
 In the book called Outliers there are many evidence and proofs asking the following question and answering as
‘How the best people are good at what they are doing?’
 ‘10.000 hours of practice’
With a little of more than two hours a day you can increase your hours to 1000 per year which would give you 10 years to be really good at coding. (If it makes it easier you can think it as a relationship. You need to know each other and spend time together so that even you can have a relationship with someone right? And of course love each other (even the times you just want to throw the machine to the wall- do not do that for everyone’s sake).)
If you do not spend time for what you want to do, there is no way you can do it.
  1. Follow the web-sites like Hackerrank, Topcoder and etc. With only doing homework or working for exams there is no way you can master at something. Especially coding. By the way, all of my friends who did not know how to code but hard working- best student in the class, have failed in programming classes and think computer classes as a nightmare. You do not have to attend a special course for liking coding (that’s my way) but you definitely need to practice.
  2. If you have a question, don’t be a vain and ask! Probably most of your friends who code regularly know your answers. If you are too lazy to talk, check especially stackoverflow. This site has really well-written, thoughtful and wise both questions and answers.
  3. Never forget that learning coding is like running around the world. No ending with beginning and even if you think that you run some place and know what’s in there, when you come back there you will realize that a lot of things have changed.  There are countless number of people in there, inventing new boundaries and extending old ones.
  4. I highly recommend you to do research on Alan Turing (and watch the movie the Imıtation Game) and other big masters in coding world and watch TedX to have more insight on it. The e-book I mentioned above is ‘Why Programmers Work at Night?’ by a blogger called a geek with a hat (I also read his blog) and a different, one of a kind, short and enjoyable one. The more I find, the more I will write so keep in touch!  


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